SUMMARY: Need help with ALOM on V210

From: Eric Sisson <>
Date: Mon Jul 18 2005 - 11:41:45 EDT
Greetings, Sun Managers,

Summary of problem:
     After upgrading Advanced Lights Out Manager (ALOM) from version 1.3
     to version 1.5.3 (and upgrading OpenBoot PROM and adding RAM) on a
     Sun Fire V210, ALOM insisted on a username and password where none
     had been required previously.
     (See complete copy of original posting below.)

     For username enter "admin", and for the password enter the system
     root password.

Thanks for speedy responses from around the globe by

     "Gallagher, James" <james.gallagher AT>
     HTH <deluca.a AT>
     Charles Klement <cjk AT>
     NO SPAM <nouce AT>
     <dana.sparling AT>
     "Barry L. Freese" <bfreese AT>

and even speedier "Out of Office AutoReply" messages by Vincent 
Ribeaud (whose co-worker I will not email) and Jason Shatzkamer 
(whose cell phone I will not call).

Nobody hit the answer exactly, but by combining information from the 
various responses, I did find the solution.

I received suggestions to try "admin/admin", "rscadmin/rscadmin" and 
"root/{root_password}".  I actually had tried the latter with no 

I received a couple of procedures that involved hitting the power 
switch.  This might work on a V240, but the V210 does not have a 
front power switch, just a power cord.

Also, some suggested booting to the operating system and resetting 
the ALOM password using command
   /usr/platform/`uname -i`/sbin/scadm userpassword admin
(apparently assuming that the userid is "admin").  This solution also 
appears in a previous posting to Sun Managers at 
that in turn mentions SunSolve InfoDoc 71251.  Some sent this URL to 
me.  Unfortunately, this would not work because of my new problem, 
which is that I do not see the "ok" prompt, and the system will not 
boot.  However, that will be the subject of my next posting.

Eric Sisson
Eric M. Sisson, Senior Research Programmer        email:
Academic and Research Computing - Box 235         voice: 713-792-2629 or
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=-=-=-=-= original message =-=-=-=-=

>Greetings, Sun Managers,
>I appear to have dug myself into a deep hole.
>I have a Sun Fire V210 running Solaris 9/04.  This system does not have
>a video card.  We manage it either by making an SSH connection in
>multi-user mode or by making a "tip" connection from another system to
>the "SERIAL MGT" port.
>The system started with 2 GB of RAM, but we bought DIMMs to upgrade it
>to 8 GB.  The README brochure that came with the DIMMs (component X7044A,
>Sun Part 594-0592-01, 2 GB) said that for these DIMMS the V210 requires
>OpenBoot PROM version 4.16.x or later, which in turn requires ALOM
>version 1.5 or later.  Our box had OBP 4.11.4 and ALOM 1.3.
>I downloaded ALOM 1.5.3 and Sun patch 119234-01, which contains OBP 4.17.1.
>I installed ALOM 1.5.3, and that seemed to go okay.  The output of command
>     /usr/platform/`uname -i`/sbin/scadm version -v
>     SC Version v1.5
>     SC Bootmon Version:  v1.5.3
>     SC Bootmon checksum: 4F888E28
>     ....
>I installed OBP 4.17.1, and that seemed to go okay.  The output of command
>     /usr/sbin/prtconf -V
>     OBP 4.17.1 2005/04/11 14:25
>(The above output is from notes I made while doing the work.)
>I shutdown the system down to the "ok" prompt and rebooted it.  It came
>back up fine.
>Finally, I installed the new DIMMS, which required removing the old ones.
>When I plugged everything back together again, and made a "tip" connection
>to the "SERIAL MGT" port, I was asked for a username, which never had
>happened before.  I never had set this.  I pressed "Return", and it asked
>for a password.  I pressed "Return" again, and it asked for the username
>again.  The system does not respond to SSH connections, so I think that
>it is quite inert.  Needless to say, several people use this system for
>software development, we have a deadline approaching, etc.
>Tomorrow, after some sleep, I will try reseating the new DIMMS or even
>restoring the old ones, but I do not think those actions will have any
>Here are my questions:
>1. Does anybody have any idea what I may have done wrong and, more
>importantly, how to undo it?
>2. Does anybody have any idea how to get past the ALOM username/password
>barrier so that I can boot the system?
>3. Does anybody have any other knowledge or wisdom to apply to this?
>Naturally, I will summarize responses I receive and tell what success
>(I hope) I have.
>Eric Sisson
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