Summary: Printing to a specific tray

From: Anthony Firmin <>
Date: Thu Jul 14 2005 - 06:22:28 EDT

This list is absolutely brilliant!  I received quite a few responses so 
a big thanks to all who responded...

Ric Anderson
Jerry K (who forwarded tons of useful stuff)
Anthony D'Atri
Adam Tomkinson (an old work colleague)
Claude Charest
Aaron Lineberger (esp. for the software - ta!)
and any one else I missed.

For the HP printers it looks like if the HP printing software is 
installed all I should need to do is specify lp -o trayn where n is the 
tray number.

Our HP printing software appears to be rather out of date so that 
probably needs updating too.

At  the moment I shouldn't need to do more than that!!  The other 
information regarding printer queues and various tray options and 
duplex printing may come in useful in the future.


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