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From: FH <>
Date: Thu Jul 14 2005 - 08:42:24 EDT
Let's see if this works... I always seem to have problems w/ summaries being
rejected :(

Anyway it looks like the most popular choices are mozilla/firefox (easily
found here and a couple of votes for
Opera ( [a personal
fav of mine on Windows but it didn't occur to me that they might make a
Solaris version DOH!].

William Cole also pointed out on a full install of Sol9 (which I thought I
but I don't see these, I'm mentioning it just in case someone else might be
able to use the info) the following should also be installed:

"application SUNWnsb Netscape 7 for Solaris - Browser
application SUNWnsm Netscape 7 for Solaris - Messenger
application SUNWnspsm Netscape 7 for Solaris - PSM
application SUNWnsxp Netscape 7 for Solaris - XPCOM

There is a start script for Netscape 7 at /usr/dt/bin/sun_netscape, and
somewhere in the arcane maze that is CDE, you can point the default browser

As always thanks for the info :D
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