SUMMARY: creating differential flash archive ?

From: Pascal Grostabussiat <>
Date: Thu Jul 14 2005 - 04:27:48 EDT

Thank you to Bill R. Williams and Brad Heck for their answer and support.

The question was:

Problem: I have two flash images, old.flar and new.flar that I  created 
using flarcreate. No
problem so far everything went right  and I have installed several 
systems using jumpstart
and the old.far image. Now that I have the new.flar image (I have 
installed some extra
software) how can I build a differential archive using those two images ?

All the examples I have found are using some live system as reference  
(for "old" or "new")
or using lumount to mount some boot environment, but I can't find any 
examples simply
using two .flar files !?!?!? Am I trying to do some impossible thing or 
did I miss something !?
I can of course use the "new" system as live reference but I cannot 
figure out how to use the
"new.flar" image file instead. The -R option of the flar-command expect 
a directory not a
flar-image file :(( Anyway to "mount" a flar-image file !? Tried using 
lumount but this seems
to be of those boot environments and not flar-image files.

Answers were:

As far as I know, this isn't possible... but then again, I could be wrong..

Not really an answer, but perhaps a tip.

A flar is not a mountable image -- such as ISO or UDF, etc.
It is a container with all sorts of things in it -- you can look in it
with 'less' or whatever your favorite pager happens to be.
The hint here is this: The "backup" of your system when you used
'flarcreate' is down in the flar file in 'cpio' format! You can go in
there and dig out that chunk with whatever tools you are familiar with 
tail, perl, vi[m], ???) and then feed it to 'cpio' to create a
directory of what you had.

I don't know if that will help you any, but it's the best I can do off
the top of my head.


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