SUMMARY: downloaded Solaris 9 from sunsolve.

From: <>
Date: Wed Jul 13 2005 - 15:59:30 EDT

Thanks for all those who replied. You were a big help.
My problem was solved and I got the downloaded Solaris
9 working. 

The solution was, after uncompressing the downloaded
Solaris 9 files (.iso), they have to be burned into CD
as an  image, not just a regular data file. If your
burner software doesn't have option to burn the files
as image, you can use the trial version of Nero burner

Thanks again.


************Here is my original email***************

I need your help. I downloaded Solaris 9 from I unzipped the two files since they
are compressed. Now their extension is .iso. I burned
them into a CD because I need to install it in a SUN
machine that only has CDROM drive (not DVD drive).  I
tried to use the CDs in an Ultra 5 but I am getting an
error, "Cant read disk label". I am not sure if the
.iso files need to be extracted before burning them
into CD. Any help will be appreciated.

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