SUMMARY: Is used Sun memory automatically covered under Sun maintenance?

From: Pritchard, Michael <>
Date: Wed Jul 13 2005 - 13:32:30 EDT
Thanks to the many people who weighed in on this subject!  There really
doesn't seem to be a consensus, other than the correct approach being to
purchase the memory directly from Sun and let them know the specific
server it is being installed in.  Otherwise, it seems to be a matter of
an individual's and company's comfort level.  Many subscribe to the idea
that as long as it is Sun branded, bar-coded memory, the maintenance
will be covered.  The caveat for using non-Sun memory is to remove it
before the Sun field engineer opens up the server.

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Subject: Is used Sun memory automatically covered under Sun maintenance?

We are considering the purchase of used Sun memory for a V480 from a
third party vendor.  Does anyone know either first-hand or anecdotally
how support for this server/memory is handled under Sun maintenance?
Some vendors will cover anything in the server with their name on it,
while others won't, where does Sun fall?

Thanks in advance!

Mike Pritchard
Unix Systems Administrator
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