SUMMARY: Moving a disk from SPARC to x86

From: Fiamingo, Frank <>
Date: Tue Jul 12 2005 - 08:41:24 EDT
Thanks to:  Rich Teer, Carsten B. Knudsen, Bernd Schemmer, Tim Chipman,
Darren Dunham, Jason LeDuc,

There is no practical way to move the disk with the data intact.

Rich and Bernd summed it up most succinctly:

Rich: "You'll have to do a dump and restore, because the on-disk UFS format
is not compatibile between SPARC (big endian) and x86 (little endian).
The disk itself should be OK, but you won't see the data."

Bernd: "IMHO that is not possible due to the different architectures of x86
SPARC (little-endian versus big-endian) You must backup the data,
repartition the disk and restore the data."

Dunham points out that: "The anticipated release of ZFS should change this
in the future (will be cross-architecture compatible), but doesn't help you

Thanks to all for your help.



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> What does it take to move an IDE disk from SPARC (Sol 8) to x86 (Sol 10)
> and preserve the information on the slices.  This is for a non-boot disk.
> 	Thanks,
> 	Frank
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