SUMMARY: luxadm dependancies

From: Wil Deny <>
Date: Mon Jul 11 2005 - 14:07:22 EDT
This summary will be very simple:

ALWAYS check the physical layer!

a misconfigured fiber-loop is all you need to break luxadm... if
there's no loop, it won't work!
i had a failed gbic, after replacing that, everything fell into
place.. except...

now i have two drives (one in each enclosure) marked "offline" and i
can't get them to go "online."  because of this i had to set up the
mirrors somewhat haphazardly so i'll have to revist the disksuite
configuration the next time we have a window to work on the stupid
thing, but the fire is out.

thanks to everyone that replied!


neko wa kowai
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