SUMMARY: How to add bootparams to SunScreen 3.2?

From: Paul Boven <>
Date: Mon Jul 11 2005 - 11:34:49 EDT
Hi everyone,

Paul Boven wrote:
> Our new jumpstart-server (Solaris 9) is protected by the SunScreen 3.2 
> firewall running on it.
> Unfortunately, SunScreen does not come with a predefined service for 
> bootparams and I've been unable  to create a working one so far.

The correct syntax (figured it out myself) seems to be:

"bootparams" SINGLE FORWARD "rpc_udp" PORT 100026
	FORWARD "rpc_udp" BROADCAST 100026
	FORWARD "pmap_udp" PORT 100026
	FORWARD "pmap_udp" BROADCAST 100026

This uses both the rpc_udp and pmap_udp state-engines, and both for the 
broadcast address and the host address of the jumpstart-server.

Regards, Paul Boven.
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