Summary: Solaris 9 MU5?

From: <>
Date: Tue Jul 05 2005 - 13:10:30 EDT
After several enlightening replies from Alex Madden 
<>, Christophe Dupre <>, and 
Albert White <>, I've found the set of patches which 
comprise Solaris 9's Maintenance Update 5. As my esteemed colleagues have 
pointed out, Sun no longer offers Maintenance Updates (bummer). The MUs' 
purpose was to offer the opportunity to apply some or all of the patches 
contained in a given Solaris release--without applying the entire OS 
release. The main advantage of applying patches is that they can be backed 
out--unlike an OS update.

Thanks to Christophe Dupre and Albert White for finding the stash of MU 
packages (, 
stopping at MU4 :-).

Albert White wins the Persistence Aware for also finding the list of MU5 
patches (, and 
for recommending Patch Manager ( to get/install all 
476 of the little buggers.

Honorable mention to Kevin Shaw <> for 
volunteering his personal expertise (and currently running setup) with 
Solaris 9, Oracle, and Network Appliance.

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