SUMMARY: Problem patching 110934-23

From: Jérôme Warnier <>
Date: Tue Jul 05 2005 - 04:09:34 EDT
On Solaris 8, I was unable to apply patch 110934-23 because one of its
dependency depended upon package SUNWcsu which, for an unknown reason,
was in a bad state (it was no longer marked as installed from the
package database).
I installed it manually (from the Solaris CD), as well as SUNWcsl which
had apparently the same problem.

For whatever reason, /var/sadm/pkg was also set to read-only for
anybody, including root, which the packaging system obviously didn't

I tried to update some stuff after that, but my attempts resulted in an
unusable system (PAM seems to be broken on the system now, with a
missing library somewhere). Of course, I cannot login remotely, and the
machine is 300km away from me. :-(

If somebody has an idea on how to get it back, knowing that I still have
LOM access to the machine (but cannot login because of the PAM problem)
and I can ask someone (nearer) to put a Solaris CD in the machine, I
would be pleased to hear from him.

Thanks for all the guys that already helped.
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