SUMMARY: How to obtain user īs disk quota using a non-privileged user?

From: Luiz Alfredo Baggiotto <>
Date: Mon Jul 04 2005 - 15:19:58 EDT

Thanks a lot for all, but specially to

- Srinivasa Cherukuri
- Grzegorz Bakalarski
- Peter Ondruska

I4ve tried to make run 'quota' command with RBAC system, but I really couldn4t
do it with the apache4s user. The 'quotacheck' command has worked, but TOO
slowly. Then, I installed SUDO and setted '/etc/sudoers' with this

apache  myhost = (root) NOPASSWD:  /usr/sbin/quota

and my script is working like a charm now!
Best regards

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