SUMMARY: unmirroring swap problem on Solaris 10 3/05

From: Markus Mayer <>
Date: Wed Jun 29 2005 - 10:10:11 EDT
Thanks to all who replied.  

The solution came in from Kalyan Manchikanti who's mail came in as I was about 
to go to the machine room.  He suggested my problem might be that my dump 
device might be configured to be the same as the swap device.  After 
reconfiguring the dump device to be a slice on a different disk, I was able 
to clear the mirroring.

Summary of answers:

From: Kalyan Manchikanti
Check where your dump device is configured to. Use "dumpadm" as root it
will tell you. My guess the same slice you have for swap is configured for

The solution: Create another temporary dump device using dumpadm and try

Other suggestions that came but which did not work included (many thanks for 
all replies!):
I think d0 is not just your swap. i think it's your boot device.

Have you deleted the swap device with swap -d?

What does swap -l shows? D0 should not be there.

Have you tried metaclear -f (force)?

What does swap -l shows?

Try metaclear d0

Try to see if some process keep open the device
fuser /dev/md/dsk/d0
if so kill the process then try it again

You probably need to do a swap -d [swap-device] before unmirroring it.

you should boot from the device and not from the metadevice. you should
change your /etc/system and /etc/vfstab.
I think d0 is not just your swap. i think it's your boot device.

My original question was:

On Wednesday 29 June 2005 11:56, Markus Mayer wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm trying to remove the metadevice that I set up for swap space but am
> having problems.  I have removed all except the last submirror using
> metadetach, edited the vfstab file so that there is no swap space turned on
> after the reboot, and tried to run the metaclear -r d0 command, but always
> get the error "metadevice is open".  I've also setting swap to be an unused
> slice on another disk but with no success.  According to the manual,
> Solaris Volume Administration Guide on page 137, this should work.  Can
> anyone tell me how I can do this cleanly, or do will I have to do this in
> single user mode?  The machine is a V440 with 4 cpu's.
> regards
> Markus
> # metastat d0
> d0: Mirror
>     Submirror 0: d10
>       State: Okay
>     Pass: 1
>     Read option: roundrobin (default)
>     Write option: parallel (default)
>     Size: 33560448 blocks (16 GB)
> d10: Submirror of d0
>     State: Okay
>     Size: 33560448 blocks (16 GB)
>     Stripe 0:
>         Device     Start Block  Dbase        State Reloc Hot Spare
>         c3t0d0s0          0     No            Okay   Yes
> Device Relocation Information:
> Device   Reloc  Device ID
> c3t0d0   Yes    id1,sd@SSEAGATE_ST373307LSUN72G_3HZ9G51K000075179TE7
> # metaclear -r d0
> metaclear: wanda: d0: metadevice is open
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