SUMMARY: E4900 Environmental monitoring

From: Martin Wheatley <>
Date: Wed Jun 29 2005 - 02:47:34 EDT
Many thanks to all who replied.

There were lots of suggestions to use prtdiag. Unfortunately prtdiag doesn't display the
environmental information. Sun are telling me this is only available to the System Controller
- which seems a bit restrictive doesn't it?

Charles Mengel suggested ...

	APC has a module for their UPSes to fire off their Powerchute software, and
	shut down a server when a temp limit has been reached, Check that out....

Which I'll follow up

Lance Tost suggested ...

	It isn't in prtdiag?  I just left a Sun shop where we had a 4800... thought prtdiag had it.
	If not, you can write an expect script to telnet to the SC and do a showenvironment.

Which would be sort of practical (although the output from the SC "showev" command wasn't written 
with parsing in mind) if the SC were on a network that the E4900 was connected to!

Fred Youhanaie suggested picld/libpicl. I don't know anything about these - time to do some reading!

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