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From: Aaron Gross <Aaron.Gross_at_openfirst.com>
Date: Mon Jun 27 2005 - 12:53:11 EDT
I did not have to use luxadm to bring the drive back into the loop before
replacing the drive.  Simply swapping out the physical drive brought it back
online in the A5200.  But Veritas was giving me "Duplicate Device" errors
while trying to work with the drive.  I had to do a "devfsadm" to rebuild
the device tree and a "vxdctl enable" to allow Veritas to see the
replacement drive.  There was a delay between running the vxdctl and when
vxdiskadm was able to work with the drive.  I re-initialized the spare, and
brought it back online.  

As soon as it was brought back online, another drive failed, so once again
we are down to 1 spare.  When it rains it pours, I guess!

Big thanks to Vic Enbel, NetComrade and Alfredo Deluca.  Replies are listed



Try devfsadm;vxdctl enable.
If not reboot :) A5200 give trouble like that sometimes.
You can always try opening a ticket with Veritas, if above it not an

On Mon, 27 Jun 2005, Aaron Gross wrote:

> The disk is online (confirmed via luxadm and the display console of the
> A5200), but Veritas is giving me "Duplicate Device" errors, before I
> the device tables I wanted to see if you have any advice.  Run into this
> issue at all?
> Thanks for you advice!
> Aaron
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> It's no longer there, b/c the disk is dead.
> luxadm is an OS tool, has nothing to do with Veritas.
> Once you replace the disk, you'll be able to use option 5 in vxdiskadm to
> put the data back (or you can use it now).
> Since you had spares, I imagine data already relocated.
> Loops usually reset whenever there is a disk failure.
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What I've done in that situation before is to just pull out the old drive
then luxadm will show the slot empty. At that point you should be able to
use luxadm insert_device to install the spare drive. Once installed you
still need to run "vxdctl enable" and then vxdiskadm option 5 to replace the
disk in veritas.


Vic Engle 

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From: Aaron Gross [mailto:Aaron.Gross@openfirst.com]
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Subject: A5200 Question

Greeting Managers,
	Recently we had an event on our A5200, our loop went offline for a
second, and then came right back online.  According the /var/adm/message log
files, it reported that the drive
(/sbus@1f,0/SUNW,socal@2,0/sf@0,0/ssd@w2200002037e41a6e,0 (ssd2)) offline
due to a "Not Ready" event.  Veritas then vxdmp the drive, and the A5200
bypassed the drive (Slot 2 on the back plane) on both loops.  I have a spare
drive that I was going to replace it with, but Veritas no longer sees the
drive (ext0dg14) as being managed by Veritas, so I'm unable to mark the
drive for replacement.  We have an additional spare, so it is not an
extremely hot deal, but I would like to replace the drive for a peice of

Luxadm display (Pasted below) shows the drive as Bypassed.  Do I have to
un-bypass the Drive prior to using Veritas to replace the drive?  Any help
would be greatly appreciated.  We are running 5.7 106541-19


luxadm display /dev/es/ses0 

                                 DISK STATUS 
SLOT   FRONT DISKS       (Node WWN)          REAR DISKS        (Node WWN)
0      On (O.K.)         2000002037e41fc2    On (O.K.)
1      On (O.K.)         2000002037e41d8e    On (O.K.)
2      On (O.K.)         2000002037d8edc1    On (Bypassed:AB)

3      On (O.K.)         2000002037e41ded    On (O.K.)
4      On (O.K.)         2000002037e41f4f    On (O.K.)
5      On (O.K.)         2000002037e41fb9    On (O.K.)
6      On (O.K.)         2000002037e41f44    On (O.K.)
7      On (O.K.)         2000002037e418b4    On (O.K.)
8      On (O.K.)         2000002037e418c0    On (O.K.)
9      On (O.K.)         2000002037e41a0d    On (O.K.)
10     On (O.K.)         2000002037e41c3c    On (O.K.)
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