SUMMARY: Problem exporting NFS to Linux machines (Peter Ondruska)

From: Enrique Ayesta Perojo <>
Date: Mon Jun 27 2005 - 05:42:34 EDT
My original question:
"We currently have a running NFS Server running under Solaris 9 SPARC, 
we have two Red Hat machines which need to mount their home directories, the 
problem we have is a bit strange. When one of them has the home directory 
mounted the other RH machine isn't able to mount it, it gets "Permision 
denied" from the server"

As Peter proposed i shouldn't be using ip addresses at /etc/dfs/dfstab, 
instead of it i should use FQDN, which has made the trick. After forcing the 
server to use DNS queries for resolving everything seems to work fine.
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