SUMMARY: Weird behaviour when setting shared memory parameters in /etc/system

From: Russell Page <>
Date: Fri Jun 24 2005 - 01:25:03 EDT
My original question. I set a value for shminfo_shmmax in /etc/system, but 
adb(1) showed zero. Is this normal behaviour?

I also logged a call with Sun.

I got several replies, and spoke to a Sun level 3 support engineer. The 
short answer is no-one seems to know, but it doesn't seem to matter. Hutin 
Bertrand pointed out that you can get info about active IPC stuff including 
shared memory allocations with ipcs -a. Greg Polanski shared some of his 
experiences with Trend Micro products with me. Thanks guys!

A couple of people suggested that the value should have been base 10 instead 
of hex. However, that is probably incorrect. I tried it with decimal, and 
have set other kernel variables successfully with hex.  Most likely these 
are being parsed by strtol(3C) that handles octel, decimal, and hexadecimal 
constants correctly by default.

Regarding the issues I was having with the Trend Micro installation program, 
I will post that saga later today.

Finally, apparently Manfred Grammel now works for another company, and 
Ulrich Karch is on holidays until the end of the month 8-)

-- Russell Page.

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