Strange dmfe link_mode value [SUMMARY]

From: <>
Date: Thu Jun 23 2005 - 12:11:35 EDT
_Many_ thanks to Erek Adams, who nailed this one, his reply is listed

I do indeed have patch 116561-06 installed, which means that the values
of changed. How wonderful and helpful for Sun not to update the
documentation that most people would look at, and hide the crucial
information out of the way in a document that only people with a
contract can get at. Cheers, guys.



> I have a strange issue with the DMFE ethernet driver on a Sun Fire
> v100[1].

Not strange at all.  Just a bit of the usual Sun weirdness...  :)

10 - 1 gets you that you have patch 116561-04 (or greater) installed.
you poke around Sunsolve (contract areas) you'll find this tiny gem
hidden away in document 26947:

To check the speed and mode the interface is operating in, run the
following commands as root:

 ndd -get /dev/dmfe0 link_status
 ( 0 = link down, 1 = link up )
 ndd -get /dev/dmfe0 link_speed
 ( 100 = 100 megabit, 10 = 10 megabit, 0 = link down )
 ndd -get /dev/dmfe0 link_mode
 ( 0 = half duplex, 1 = full duplex )

Note: Solaris 9 now has 2=fdx, 1=hdx after applying 116561-04

Yep, that's right.  Nice of them to inform us that they changed the way
need to look at things. :)
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