SUMMARY : v210 disks into v240

From: Iain Miller <>
Date: Thu Jun 23 2005 - 11:05:54 EDT

This turned out to be very simple.  I moved bioth  HDD0 and HDD1 from
the v210 and put them in the corresponding HDD0/HDD1 slots in the

A reconfig boot and everything is running smoothly.

Thanks for all the help to the following folks (in no particular order)

Rob Windsor ; Gary Chambers ; Mike Carter ; Vince Merrell ; Paul
Greidanus ; Alex Madden ; Scott Lawson.

I should also point out that Gary had to follow a more complicated
path to in the past to get this working, in case this simple process
doesn't work for someone in the future.  His steps were.

1) Detach the mirrors
2) Revert /etc/vfstab to /dev/dsk/c?t?d?s?
3) Remove from /etc/system SDS entries
4) rm /etc/path_to_inst
5) boot -a
6) Completely recreate metadevices (including metaroot)
7) Reattach mirrors

Thanks again guys,


Original Mail

From: Iain Miller <>
Date: 21-Jun-2005 15:31
Subject: v210 disks into v240

Hi Guys,

We are looking at upgrading from v210's to v240's.  We run Solaris 9
and the dual disks in the V210 are straight mirrors using the Sun
mirroring software.

I am going to run some experiments first, but does anyone have any
previous experiences of doing this and how successful/easy/painful was

Thanks in advance,

I'll summarise.


Iain Miller
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