SUMMARY: single SunRay terminal, dual screen: possible ?

From: <>
Date: Thu Jun 23 2005 - 04:41:43 EDT
Noop, not possible. You need 2 individual SunRays setup as a multi-head
'group' (see man pages of SunRay software).

Thx to Tim Tuck, Bruce Shaw, Joe Reid, and SunSupport for confirming


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Subject: single SunRay terminal, dual screen: possible ?

running Solaris-10, SunRay server version 3.1.1, CDE 1.6, SunRay-150
with a 2nd video-connector to which I want to connect a 2nd screen and
have a dual-screen working CDE (moving mouse and windows from one screen
to the other behaviour).

Is this possible ? If so, how ?

I tried unsuccesfully already with the "utpolicy -a -g -m -z both"
policy, but from man-pages it looks like this is intended for
dual-SunRay desktop that acts as if it is a single station.



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