SUMMARY - yet to be tested - Use Virtual interface ( eri0:1 ) ip as source address - spoofing ?

From: Laurence Moughan <>
Date: Fri Jun 17 2005 - 04:43:02 EDT
Hi All and thanks for feedback.

I should have explained alos that i both receive inbound ftp and sftp
connections as well as origionate outbound ftp and sftp from this box.

However I am going to try and use the deprciated option in the ifconfig
portion of the cluster setup ( when the virtual interfce gets plumbed -
i will need to depreciate the real interface) 

Thansk to David and Aaron for the pointer and to others with
suggestions and advice.

I shall post another SUMMARY when i have tested.




Hi All,

I have an ftp server ftp1 on say behind a firewall being
natted to say

interface eri0

i want to cluster the ftp server with a partner ( using opensource
software heartbeat ) this provides a virtual ip on the cative node,

so we will then have machines

ftp1 real ip address interface eri0
ftp2 real address interface er10

a virtual ip floating between the machines on a virtual eri interface
on one at ip eri0:1( up on the active node )

Now this is obviously going to break my firewall rules as the source of
outgoing packets wil now be the ftp servers real address or 


is there a way to foce all outbound packets to go from the virtual
interface ( eri0:1 ) address ?



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