SUMMARY: Conflict with lofiadm and nfs?

From: Reichert, Alan <>
Date: Tue Jun 14 2005 - 19:22:27 EDT

This is an issue of NFS shares not crossing file system boundaries.  I'll
look into one of these:

	(1) accessing the images on the server via the single NFS share and
	using lofi to mount them on the client machines


	(2) creating an NFS share on each lofi mount on the server machine
	for access by the client machines.

This is tomorrow's task.

Thanks to: David Foster, Casper Dik, Bernd Schemmer, and Darren Dunham for
their inputs.

- Alan

(Interesting Observation for those who might care:  The lofi mounts on the
server show up OK on Windows clients via Samba.)


Original question:


I'm trying to mount some ISO images on one machine and share them out.


-Machine 1 has a directory structure of /data/cd

-Under /data/cd are the mount points for the ISO data, i.e. ISO1, ISO2.

-I mount the ISO images using lofiadm, then mount the appropriate /dev/lofi/X
to one of the mount points under /data/cd as HSFS, read-only.  A check on this
shows data available under the directories under /data/cd/ISO1 and

-The directory /data/cd is NFS shared.

Whan I mount the NFS share on machine 2, I can get down to /data/cd, but when
I drop down
one more level into one of the mount points ISO1 or ISO2, the directories
comes back empty.

Permissions have been opened up to test access, but that does not seem to
help.  Is there some
restriction that I have not found where NFS of a file system mounted through
lofi does not

-- Alan
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