Summary: match disk and filesystem

From: William Kwan <>
Date: Fri Jun 10 2005 - 12:59:46 EDT
Cool directions from cool guys.   Thanks Hutin Bertrand and Ric Anderson 
who offer me their scripts.
Some suggested `iostat -X`, which said to work fine for Solaris 9 and 
doesnt' work in 7 and 8.

Jeff Marble's long parameters for iostat works fine on my Solaris 8 
        `iostat -ctxzn`

Alright go RTFM for what is ctxzn.  I was blind and didnt' see the -n 

Thanks a lot

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William Kwan/NewYork/DBNA/DeuBa 
06/10/2005 10:26 AM


match disk and filesystem

Hi all,

I am looking at some performance issue.

`sar -d` shows me a couple disk with relatively more busy than others. For 
instance, they are sd46 and sd60.
I'm looking at output of `prtconf` and `vxdisk list`..etc.
Is there a fast way to figure out which filesystem is/are linked to this 
sd46 and sd60?

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