SUMMARY: Printing a PDF from Oracle under Solaris 9

From: Melissa Young <>
Date: Wed Jun 08 2005 - 15:27:36 EDT
Answers and Thank you:
Looks like you have a postscript file not a pdf. The
printing you described is typical of a unix box
printing text to a non-unix aware printer. Unix sends
a linefeed and the printer wants a linefeed and a
carriage return. Lack of carriage return gets the old
"stairstep" output. The printer does not know PS so it
thinks it is text and treats is as such.
It is possible that other printers you have support
postscript and the Okidata printers don't. Is it
possible to save the file to disk? You could then try
to view it with ghostview or something taht will
indeed display a postscript file properly.
Hope something here is at least a start on a new tack
for troubleshooting.
Steve Sandau

"Rick von Richter" <>
That file header that you showed is from a PostScript
file. Are you sure you are working with PDF?

"Mauricio Tavares" <>
To me that looks like the beginning of a PostScript
file. Can you print to a file (say, call it
and then try to open it with ghostscript?

"Anthony D'Atri" <>
That's a PostScript file, not a PDF file. The
stairstepping shows that the file is being sent with
LF's as line terminators and the stupid printer is
only expecting CR or CRLF. You might try adjusting
print queue config to get it to translate. Another
possibility is that the print queues aren't
recognizing that it's PS and mistaking it for text.

"Hutin Bertrand" <>
Your file header looks like a Postscript file, not a
PDF file. You need a Postscript compatible printer or
software to convert Postscript to another format.

--- Melissa Young <> wrote:

> Hello,
> We has encountered four separate instances where
> offices with Okidata printers are unable to print a
> PDF file from Oracle that is produced via the XML
> Report Publisher and delivered directly to the
> office
> printer. The file they are trying to print is an
> Equipment Transfer Form.
> When clicking on the "Print Form" button, a page
> with
> what appears to be file header information prints,
> followed by several blank pages. "Header" example:
> %!PS-Adobe-3.0
> 		%%Title: (AcroQfaig4)
> 					%%Version: 1 4
> 							%%DocumentData: Clean7Bit
> 											%%Lang
> We then attempted to access and reprint the file
> through "View requests" in Oracle. After clicking on
> the "View Output" button, then following error
> appears:
> File does not begin with '%PDF-'
> Next, we exited completely out of Oracle, logged
> back
> in and again attempted to access the file through
> "View requests". This time Acrobat launches, but
> locks
> up and never loads the page to be printed.
> This problem only occurs when the PC being used is a
> PC with an Okidata printer, regardless of Acrobat
> version (both 5 and 7 were tested). We have also
> tested other Acrobat files that are not delivered by
> Oracle and are able to open those and print them
> normally on the PCs with Okidata printers.
> Our troubleshooting on this has reached a dead end
> and
> we do not have a viable workaround for the users
> affected. It is our suspicion that the problem lies
> in
> either how the PDF output file is created by Oracle
> or
> in how the Okidata printer is set up on the Solaris
> 9
> servers.
> (BTW, I am going to write some more about the
> two-hosts-seperation issue later today or tomorrow)
> Thank you all!
> Melissa Young
> UNIX System Admin

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