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From: Wil Deny <wil.deny_at_gmail.com>
Date: Tue Jun 07 2005 - 15:53:12 EDT
OK, to show the quality of my character, I will admit publicly that
I'm totally stupid.

Anjan Dave: "Might not make any difference, but can you hookup a Sun
keyboard and try
the power button (in the corner) from it?"

Oh, but what a difference it made!  One push of that button and the
machine sprung back to life as if nothing had happened.  I was ready
to tear the whole front of the machine off and replace all the guts in
there, rip the wires out of the switch and start the machine by
touching them together, I was preparing to start removing all of the
ram and cpus, etc and see if that made any difference, but all I
needed to do was hook up a keyboard and push the freaking button.

This list rules.  I'm glad that it allows idiots.

Of course, now I can't watch the boot messages (since you can't have a
keyboard hooked up and be connected on a console port) but at least I
know the machine works.  I can put a videocard in for now and at least
make sure the A5200s and their drives work, which is the problem I
really need to solve.

Anyway, thank you one and all.  back to the machine room...


neko wa kowai
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