220R won't power on SUMMARY.

From: Wil Deny <wil.deny_at_gmail.com>
Date: Tue Jun 07 2005 - 15:21:21 EDT
Allan West said: "Mooch a key and try that first..."

there's only ONE sun key here in the museum, and it doesn't fit.  I
know that it's supposed to, but it doesn't.  anyway it's in the right
position.  (some of you may be asking, "how can you do your job
without the right equipment?" well, that too is a question I often ask

Adam Levin said: "Pull open the case and close it again, making sure
that it's closed
securely.  These series Suns have a hard switch to prevent powerup
when the cover's

I hadn't thought of that, so I put the case back together and even
tightened all the screws on the top, but nothing.  Adam, I'll be
keeping my first-born... you almost had him/her.  Maybe next time.

Andrew Hall: "All sun keys are identical, get one from another box.
Did you short out
the mb?  Have you tried removing the power supply, there hot swappable
in a 220R I think."

As for the key, well, the lock is broken or something.  I tried
replacing the power supply with not one but three other known working
power supplies.  All of them have a green light, so they're getting

Michael Horton had a long list of good suggestions, but none of them
really applied, ie:

> hardware troubleshooting starts with NO assumptions
> connect a terminal to watch the post messages

you see, I have a terminal connected, and there are no post messages
because it won't power on...

Anyway, it looks like I fried the motherboard or something.  I've put
pci cards into computers hundreds if not thousands of times and I've
never managed to kill one this way.  I guess there's a first time for
everything.  I guess it's time to go talk to the boss.

Thanks for the quick replies.

neko wa kowai
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