SUMMARY: cpio question

From: Tim Longo <>
Date: Tue Jun 07 2005 - 08:12:58 EDT
This list is excellent.

Thank you to the many people that responded. Although I did get several
suggestions, the one I tried worked, and I'll stick to it.

I need to create a portable archive using cpio "-oH crc" on
the sparc server. This file is readable on the x86 server
with "-iH crc".

Also, as it was suggested, cpio is not the best cross
platform archive utility. Using something like tar would
probably work better.

Thanks again!!

>I have a file created by cpio -oc on a sparc/solaris machine.  When I
>try to read the file with cpio on an x86/solaris machine, I see an
>$ cpio -ict < data/r6.cpio
>cpio: Not a cpio file, bad header.
>This works fine on the sparc/solaris machine.  Any methods of reading
>the cpio archive on the x86/solaris machine?
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