SUMMARY: Process goes down

From: Hisham Al Saad <>
Date: Mon Jun 06 2005 - 14:58:34 EDT
Thanks a lot to all who replied to my question (Vern Walls, Mohan
Doraiswamy ,  Roland Rebstock , Admin and Chris Sellers).

I tried the below commands but they did not solve the problem:
$ exec nohup ./application start
$ exec nohup ./application start &

I tried starting the application out of a crontab as suggested by Vern
and it was able to keep running.
The desadvantage is that each time i stop the process i will have to
adjust the time of the cronjob to the nearest time possible to get

I'll also look into Chris's suggestion of using inittab to keep the
application running.
Meanwhile, at least the application is up and running everyone is happy :)

Thanks again.
Have a nice day.

On 6/6/05, Hisham Al Saad <> wrote:
> Hi,
> On my Solaris 9.0 system i have an application which runs associated
> with a specific account. I ssh to the system and run the application
> simply by
> #su - <accountname>
> $./application start
> The application starts fine and listens to its incoming connections
> port and everything is fine up to here.
> The problem arises only when i exit  from the ssh session or exit from
> a command such as ($ tail -f  logs.log), the application with all its
> processes will go down.
> I tried the nohup command ($ nohup ./application start), but the
> problem did not go away :(
> How can i keep this application running even if i exit from the ssh session
> Please advice.
> Thanks.
> Hisham
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