SUMMARY: Increase the partition size of Veritas Encapsulated Disk

From: Bhavesh Shah <>
Date: Mon Jun 06 2005 - 13:22:30 EDT
Many thanks to Darren Dunham whose expertise helped me resolve this

The Problem:

I have a 9 GB Root Disk (veritas encapsulated) with following partitions
running on Solaris 8 as below:

Part      Tag    Flag     Cylinders        Size            Blocks

  0       root    wm       0 -  285      501.48MB    (286/0/0)   1027026

  1       swap    wu     286 - 1454        2.00GB    (1169/0/0)  4197879

  2     backup    wm       0 - 4923        8.43GB    (4924/0/0) 17682084

  3        var    wm    1455 - 1740      501.48MB    (286/0/0)   1027026

  4 unassigned    wm    1741 - 3506        3.02GB    (1766/0/0)  6341706

  5        usr    wm    3507 - 4091        1.00GB    (585/0/0)   2100735

  6          -    wu       0 - 4923        8.43GB    (4924/0/0) 17682084

  7          -    wu    4923 - 4923        1.75MB    (1/0/0)        3591

Now I want to increase the partition size of /var file system. if I use
18 GB Disk and do ufsdump/ufsrestore I first need to create a partition
and then do ufsdump/ufsrestore. Now I need to know how do I dump slice 6
and 7 which is created by Veritas Voulme Manager and how partition 6
will reflect that as 18 GB (entire disk)? Also what about slice 7? Just
create a 2 MB partition for that?

If I use dd to create an image on 18 GB disk (from 9 GB Root disk) is
there a way I can increase the partition?

Any Help/Suggestion/Pointer will be greatly appreciated.

I will summarize.

The Solution:

 1) Attach 18G Disk

 2) Create partition

 3) ufsdump/restore partitions - /, /usr, /opt, /var

3.1  On the new disk, reset /etc/vfstab and /etc/system to boot from

     that disk

3.2  Disable VxVM on that disk

     (touch /mnt/etc/vx/reconfig.d/state.d/install-db)  When that

     machine boots, it'll have VxVM binaries, but won't import any disk


3.3  Boot from new disk.  Verify everything works.

 4) encapsulate new root disk

This step means that you run 'vxinstall' to install/encapsulate the new
disk.  This creates a new rootdg and re-enables VxVM.

 5) import all DGs.

During the vxinstall step you're asked what to do with the other disks
in the system (initialize, encapsulate, etc...).  you should

*ignore* all the disks other than the root disk.

After you get the encapsulated disk booted, then just vxdg import the
other diskgroup and mount up the volumes.

If there's ever a problem, you haven't touched your first rootdisk.  You
can always go back to it and reboot.

Thanks to Darren.
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