E4000 Problem - monitor won't wakre up SUMMARY

From: Isaac Lipkowitz <Isaac.Lipkowitz_at_uhi.ac.uk>
Date: Mon Jun 06 2005 - 08:37:35 EDT
Hi all ,

In summary of my graphics problem on an E4000. I had only 2 replies.

"Luc I. Suryo" <luc@suryo.com> said:

I had the same problem, bt after installing severa patches the problem
was solved... try to install all the patches from sunsolve.sun.com and
install those that make sense to your system, reboot & finger crossed :)



John Dewey <jdewey2@corp.earthlink.net> said:

well one major problem, is the fact that your hardware is not
"supported" on Solaris 10 or Solaris 9.


So, I suspect that Luc is right, but there don't seem to be any related
patches on Sunsolve as yet.

So far then, no joy. Looks like I might have to try another Solaris version to
see whether it's Sol10 that's the problem.


Isaac Lipkowitz

Original question.

Hi all,

I have an E4000 which runs Solaris 10.

Every morning I find that the monitor is in sleep mode and won't wake up.

I have to switch the machine off and restart it.

There doesn't seem to be a power option any longer so where to look......

The graphics card is a TurboGX Plus (I've tried several) running from the main
I/O board which is the later cersion with "proper" GBICs instead of the older

BtW, the monitor (again several tried) tends to jitter. This is not the
monitor or the graphics card so could the I/O board be a problem?

The clock board is a 501-5635
System boards 501-4882
I/O board 501-4883
I/O second board 501-4287

any ideas anyone.


Isaac Lipkowitz
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