SUMMARY: What software to use to monitor T3 Array?

From: Anjan Dave <>
Date: Fri Jun 03 2005 - 10:10:20 EDT
Thanks everyone for the responses. StorADE was recommended by most. The
second alternative was to scan the t3 syslogs via cron.

I've installed StorADE 2.4 and it's communicating with all T3s except
one (T3B) which gives me following error upon device discovery:

Reading deviceIP:        t3-004       #
   Start Discover::fromIP on
   - snmp sysDesc is SUN T3B
     - found 1 device(s) on Discover::T3
    ->Invalid Key for Array, cannot add, check for web
directory on array and for a valid backplane WWN

Could the FW be an issue?
T3B Release 2.01.06 2003/11/06 14:59:41

Thanks to Tim Chapman, Wesley Garland, Bernd Schemmer, Yura Pismerov,
Scott Lawson.


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Subject: What software to use to monitor T3 Array?

Dear All:

What software can I use to monitor a T3 (T300) array? I cannot locate
the CDROM for the Sun Component Manager 2.1 that might have come with
the T3, and it's not available for download anymore...

Is the Storage Automated Diagnostic Environment Enterprise 2.4 the
correct software? Or do I need to use SyMon?

T3s are the only storage devices I need to setup and monitor for
alerting me of any failures, etc.



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