[SUMMARY] XRAID on a V240?

From: Tom Grassia <tgrassia_at_sfnewmexican.com>
Date: Thu Jun 02 2005 - 17:11:21 EDT
Thank you all for the numerous replies.  It's now my impression that the 
XRAID is the Sally Field of storage devices.

"You like it; you really really like it!"

There were tons of positive anecdotes relating to the XRAID when used with 
Solaris servers.  Also , the following URLs had their praises sung as 
veritable wellsprings of relevant information.




A number of people have also mentioned Ben Rockwood who writes the 
cuddletech blog; he is often cited as a Solaris Guru.  For religious 
reasons, I tend to eschew Solaris Gurus and prefer to find a Solaris 
Pope.  In this case, however, I will make an exception.


The one dark cloud in this festival of light and love was Steve (scb1 
<scb1@erols.com>).  He brings up the following bad parts.

CONS in my experience:

    The controllers are weak on diagnostics and security, only
    use CuFibre limiting distances to server to the same rack
    (though they may have addressed this by now), the disks
    are less reliable than SCSI, there is only one path to each
    disk (preventing Veritas DMP, and requiring a second array
    with S/W Raid 1 to compensate), and the power crash
    failure mode requires a lot of screwing around with
    individual UPS's to avoid disaster.

To whit I say, hate not Steve.  He is just keepin' it real.  Since most 
people would call the setup I have a JBOD (I'd have to correct them.  It's 
a /glorified/ JBOD.), those negatives really aren't deal breakers to me.

Finally, to the one (I hope to God it was a) young woman who offered:

"Don't worry about selling one of your children.  I'd be more than happy to 
bear you more."

Sweet!  I'm good, though.  No need to put yourself out like that.

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