SUMMARY: SunRays over Routers

From: Jan M. STANKOVSKY <>
Date: Tue May 31 2005 - 08:08:40 EDT
I've been asked to summarize:

First of all, let me thank you (Paul, Doug Bell, Rick, David, Scott and many more)for your 

The consensus is that it will work with Version 3 of the Server software. It should be 
possible with version 2.x . V3 has even support for broadband connections.

Maybe the easiest way is to configure a VLAN (server and terminals).

Another option is: "If there are routers in between, you just need
a DHCP server on the far networks to supply the proper DHCP information, or
you need BOOTP forwarding enabled on the routers."


"If there were some routers involved they would need to be set to pass the IPconfig info 
from the SunRay client to the server. The usual setting on routers for this is something 
like 'set IPhelper address x.x.x.x'. I know that v3.0 changes all of this.  You can run 
SunRays from home which is what Sun does for all of their home office employees."

Jason perfectly summerize it:

"1. Configure the dhcp server on the sunray server to issue addresses for the sun rays on 
the remote network, and then have the routers forward dhcp requests to the sun ray server.

2. Set up a remote dhcp server on each subnet that the rays will be on, and configure it 
to give the sun rays the specific options it needs.

3. Make one big vlan with all the sun rays on it and let the sun ray server handle it.

Supposedly in Version 3.1, they will move some of the specific requirements out of dhcp 
and in to dns records so it will make it easier  to configure remote sun rays.

If you need the specific options let me know and I can send you what I have in my Sun DHCP 
servers on remote networks to handle exactly this."

Again Thanks!

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