SUMMARY: 280R hangs during boot with VxVM installed

From: NKS <>
Date: Mon May 30 2005 - 02:14:07 EDT
Original post:

>    Fellow Managers,
>    Sun280R, Solaris 9, latest rec. patches. 118558-05. Veritas 4.0 MP1. 
>    Encapsulated root disk. Two internal OS disks. Sun Ultra SCSI dual
>    LVD controller. Nexsan Ataboy2 SCSI RAID-disk (LUNs 4 & 5) attached,
>    one on each SCSI channel. /kernel/drv/sd.conf updated.
>    Server hangs during boot after VxVM inst. and disk encapsulation, 
>    both singe and multiuser...
>    Last boot-message on display:
>    NOTICE: VXVM vxdmp V-5-0-34 added disk array DISKS, datatype = Disk


Downgrade to Solaris 8, latest recommended patches. Kernel version

Thanks to Mark Ebaugh for pointing me in the right direction:

>    I have had a similar issue that is caused by a remote storage device
>    that do not understand persistent reserve and release, and current
>    versions of Veritas for Solaris rely on this optional feature of the
>    SCSI spec. I have a very different set up than you are using, but the
>    symptoms are very similar. 
>    Unfortunately the fix in my case is waiting on a firmware release from
>    the storage vendor.    

Best regards,

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