SUMMARY Solaris and AD integration

From: Alejandro Lopez <>
Date: Thu May 26 2005 - 12:00:11 EDT
Thanks to all people who answer me... Mauricio, Tim, Joe, Leonard...

A great article sent to me by Tim Evans & Joe Moore

And more info from Leonard:

With some work you can configure kerberos on the systems to
authentication against AD  without a problem. Basically you just
specify the AD servers as the KDCs. The more difficult part is
creating keytabs files. There is a windows tool out there that will
allow that but I don't remeber what it is. You would also then need to
configure a LDAP pam module for account information.

 A good route to go and one I'm working with right now is a commerical
product, by Vintella, called VAS ( Vintela Autentication Services ).
Basically its a PAM module that allows account information and
authentication to come from AD. They support most of the major and
current OS, including Solaris, AIX, Redhat Linux, etc. Its works well
and I've been very happy with the support.

Thanks for all guys!!

El jue, 26-05-2005 a las 15:18, Alejandro Lopez escribis:

> Hi all, im a little newbie in Solaris.
> I need some info about an integration of Solaris 9/10 servers into an
> Active Directory enviroment. (User validation from AD)
> Someone have FAQs, manuals, articles, or any information about this?
> Can i do it with a base system? or i need more software?
> Thanks, and excuse my language :)

Alejandro Lspez
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