SUMMARY mirror swap under SDS ? - why ?

From: Laurence Moughan <>
Date: Thu May 26 2005 - 08:49:09 EDT
Hi All, and thanks to all respondees

Seems kernal panics can happen if the swap partition is lost during use
( eg when the disk dies ) 

Ill be adding metadevices for all my swaps this afternoon !

Thanks Again



Hi All,

We use SDS to mirror all our 2 disk boxes, and im just wondering if
there is any advantage in mirroring the swap partition ? I never have,
but i just read a doc by Sandra Henry-Stocker and she does ( but doesn't
explain why )

I know if the disk failed that swap was on then swap would have to be
moved to a good disk while the bad disk was being replaced, but in
general normal activity any advantage - would swap having to write to
two disks actually give a slower performace maybe ?



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