SUMMARY: Missing Java system packages on Solaris 9

From: kuup <>
Date: Wed May 25 2005 - 16:03:28 EDT
Dear managers,

David Foster gave me this here listing to bring Java back to life. 
 If anything should be missing I expect some package dependencies to start
complaining, until everything will be complete.

Thanks & regs, Kuba

Dave wrote:
This is probably a good approximation, from a Solaris 9 system:

pkginfo | grep -i java
system      IPLTjss                          Network Security Services 
for Java
system      SUNWadmj                         Admin/Install Java 
Extension Libraries
system      SUNWdtjxt                        Java Extensions
application SUNWiqdoc                        Sun ONE Message Queue 
Javadoc and Examples
application SUNWj2pi                         Java Plug-in
system      SUNWjaf                          Java Activation Framework
system      SUNWjaxp                         Java API for XML Parsing 1.2
system      SUNWjcom                         Java Communications API
system      SUNWjcomx                        Java Communications API 
application SUNWjhdem                        JavaHelp Demos
application SUNWjhdev                        JavaHelp Development Utilities
application SUNWjhdoc                        JavaHelp Documentation
application SUNWjhrt                         JavaHelp Runtime
system      SUNWjmail                        Java Mail Runtime
system      SUNWjmfp                         Java Media Framework Player
system      SUNWjsnmp                        Java SNMP API

Dave Foster

Original question:
> Hi Managers,
> I 'm taking care of a Solaris 9 system that is missing the Java system
> packages.
> Note: these are the Solaris Java system packages, which are not the same
> a SDK or JRE.
> Could someone give me a listing of all the needed packages please?
> TIA Kuba


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