SUMMARY: /etc/resolv.conf configuration: timeout and retrans options

From: LOEWENTHAL Simon <>
Date: Wed May 25 2005 - 13:13:05 EDT
Thank-you to everyone to responded to this.  There were quite a few.

The correct format is

    options retrans:1000 retry:1

I think that retrans is in m/s and retry is in seconds?
Timeout and retrans are different names for the same things.
I have been told that domain and search are mutually exclusive.

To see what options the resolver has picked up you can use nslookup and 
the set all command.

Many thanks to Crist Clark and Rick von Richter for their replies. 

Regards, S.

LOEWENTHAL Simon wrote:

>Dear all,
>I'm trying to set DNS resolver option in the /etc/resolv.conf but I am 
>unsure as to whether Solaris is really picking them up.  I tried using 
>nslookup and dig, but the man pages simply say that they take the 
>default nameservers and searchdomains from the resolv.conf, but do not 
>say that they take the other options from the resolv.conf.  This ring 
>true as when I run nslookup interactivly and type 'set all' is  says 
>that timeout is equal to 5, whereas the resolv.conf has set it to 1. 
>Is my syntax off, or is there another way to test this?
>Thanks if anyone can shed some light.
>Kind regards,



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