Summary: emc lun does not show after the server reboot

From: Z H <>
Date: Mon May 23 2005 - 11:21:14 EDT
Thanks to following replies.  You all are just great!

Wesley W. Garland" <>
Thomas M. Payerle" <>
"Mike O" <>
"joe_fletcher" <>

It wasn't cable or HBA issue from the host.

I ended up calling EMC support and was able to resolve
it by traspass the lun to different SP port. And the
host immediately see the lun right away.

Apparently after the reboot of the EMC, the lun got to
switch to different SP Port.

Thanks again to all.


--- Z H <> wrote:
> To all helpers:
> I have e450 running Solaris 8 accessing EMC CX300. 
> It was working fine before the system maintenance.
> After the CX300 and e450 system reboot, the e450 can
> only see one of the two luns which were configured
> to the e450 and were working.
> The EMC configuration does not change, the EMC box
> can see the host and also shows both luns are
> assigned to the e450.  But from e450, only one of
> the two luns appears.
> volume manager shows the missing lun are failed. 
> Format does not see the failed lun.
> I have looked into /kernel/drv/sd.conf and the
> missing lun is on c6t0d1s2 and I already have
> target=6, lun=0-2 defined.
> Any tip and help to fix this problem is greatly
> appreciated.
> Thanks.
> ssefoen
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