SUMMARY: 2 SUN V240 with 2 D130 in SCSI daisy-chain

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Date: Fri May 20 2005 - 08:37:21 EDT
The problem:
We have two SUN V240-Server and two SUN D130-Storage.

Server A with scsi-initiator-id=7 and SE-HBA
Server B with scsi-initiator-id=5 and SE-HBA
D130 A with SCSI-IDs 2,3 and 4 (only two disks are inserted, one slot is
D130 A with SCSI-IDs 10, 11 and 12 (only two disks are inserted, one slot
is free)

The daisy-chain:
Server A ----- D130 A ----- D130 B ----- Server B

Server A works fine, but when I boot Server B we got many SCSI-Errors on
both Server and the access to the disks is lost.
In the OBP of server B I can see the D130-disks with probe-scsi-all.

Does somebody have expierence with such a SCSI-Daisy-Chain?
I will summarize!

Thanks, Andre

The answer:
The configuration with two V240 and two D240 in a daisy chain is not
supportet by SUN.

Supported Host Configurations
The Netra st D130 thin storage is supported by the following
 .  Single host
 .  Daisy chain (two enclosure maximum)
 .  Sun Cluster 2.2

SCSI Storage Support

This section covers Sun Cluster supported SCSI storage devices.
Netra st D130 Configuration
RAID Requirements

In order to ensure data redundancy and hardware redundancy, software
mirroring across boxes is required.

The other configuration rules for using Netra st D130 as shared storage
are listed below.

    * 7 Daisy Chaining of Netra st D130 is not supported.
    * 7 Host Adapters supported with Netra st D130 are listed below:
      Table 27: Sun Cluster and Netra st D130 Support Matrix


      Host Adapter

      Part # for Host Adapter

      Maximum Node Connectivity

      Netra T1 AC200/DC200

      onboard UltraSCSI port


      SunSwift Adapter, PCI


      Netra t 1400/1405

      SunSwift Adapter, PCI

    * 7 Cables supported with Netra st D130 are listed below:
      Table 28: Supported Cables


      Part # of Cable

      2-meter Ultra SCSI-3/SCSI-3 cable


      2-meter SCSI-3/VHDCI cable with right angle connector


      0.36-meter SCSI-3 cable with right-angled connector


      0.8-meter Ultra SCSI-3/SCSI-3 cable

    * 7 See Sun StorEdge MultiPack as shared storage below shows how to
configure Netra st D130 as a shared storage:
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