SUMMARY: Retrieve kernal parameters value

From: Warren Liang <>
Date: Thu May 19 2005 - 16:43:06 EDT

Thanks to John Leadeham. The solution he provides is:
The kernel is modular and the modules not loaded until needed (when you start up your application).
You can use the modload command:
modload -p sys/shmsys
modload -p sys/msgsys
and quite possibly: modload -p sys/semsys for semaphores

followed by sysdef I

My original post:
To install an application, it requires to tune a few kernel parameters. Such as MSGMAX, MSGMAP, SHMMAX, SHMMNI, etc.

Before I make any change on those parameters, I would like to verify their current values. Command #sysdef does not show those parameters. Does it mean those parameters currently have the default value? 
Which command(s) should I use to retrieve all kernel parameters.

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