Summary: How to set interface speeds x86..

From: Gene Siepka <>
Date: Thu May 19 2005 - 09:32:41 EDT
Thanks for the responses... Not sure why its changed now...
In all my experience with setting interface speeds I've always done:

ndd -set /dev/bge instance 0

I guess now you have to say

ndd -set /dev/bge0 <options>

Which is pretty awesome since path_to_inst still lists the instance number:

"/pci@0,0/pci1022,7450@a/pci17c2,20@2" 0 "bge"


Thanks to Robert Muniz for the answer.

Also Michael David Chanslor and Nelson Bensley mentioned that you can 
set it in /etc/system or /kernel/drv/iprb.conf.

Haven't tried it but thanks anyway!


Gene Siepka wrote:
> Sunmanagers...
> Anyone have any idea how to set network interface speeds on a V20z 
> server running Solaris 10?
> The normal ndd commands don't seem to be working.
> Thanks in advance
> -Gene
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