SUMMARY: Mail to root goes to me but why?

From: Dave Martini 1 <>
Date: Thu May 12 2005 - 13:05:51 EDT
Everyone suggested looking for the /.forward file which I don't have.

I have a Solaris 9 mail server running the sendmail daemon which
I  would prefer all mail goes through.

On my Solaris 9 client in the /etc/mail/aliases file root was defined to
go to me.

On the local host where I was sending mail to root from, it wasn't 
using the local /etc/aliases file but instead it was using the
aliases file from my mail server wherre I have roots mail defined to
go to my 2nd. email address. This is how I could differentiate 
which /etc/mail/aliases file it was using either the one from the local
client I was issuing the mail command from or the one from my mail server.

I have a file on each local host for Solaris 9.

In it I have this line


But when I send mail to root at the local Solaris 9 client instead
of sending mail to the person that root is defined as in its
local /etc/mail/aliases file it now writes the message to the 
local /etc/mail/root file which in our case is an automounted
file system from our mail server. It does this instead of actually
sending mail to the user that root is defined as in the local
/etc/mail/aliases file.

I noticed if I remove the file I do get the mail message and
it  does read the local /etc/mail/aliases file.

Isn't the file needed in Solaris 9 if I don't want to run
the sendmail daemon on each client? I don't want the sendmail daemon
running on each client.
Perhaps there is another entry I need in

Is the file used on a host if the sendmail daemon is not running?

I want mail sent from the local host to be sent to my mail server and processed

Thanks Much
Dave Martini
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