Summary : Performence test for read/write on file system

From: RaghuNath L(Raghu) <LRaghuNath_at_Lucent.Com>
Date: Tue May 10 2005 - 07:48:29 EDT
Hi Managers,

Thanks to every one who replied to my query .

Most of the replies pointed me to IOZONE few have pointed me to Sio, I found IOZONE as very useful one.


I'm not sure what you are looking for.  Random or sequential read and
write performance can't really be tested by a simple script.  If you
have a perl script that opens, write out a file, then closes it, your
testing perl's write speed, not the filesystem.  If you run many many
perl scripts doing then, then you are testing perls multithreadedness,
not the filesystem.  

There are many programs to test filesystem performance.  Sio is a tool
netapp uses for this, and there is also iozone, and iometer.  All of
these will do what you want.  Sio is good, but I think izone is great
for analysis of filesystems if for nothing else, their excel sheet
format output makes analysis much easier.

Hope that helps,

Local or remote (eg. NFS) performance? If the latter,

for local/remote you can use Iozone, produces nice graphic

Dave Foster

ebstock, Roland wrote:

get iozone
Roland Rebstock


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>Subject: Performence test for read/write on file system
>Hi Managers,
>I want to test the seqntial/random   read/write performce of the
>filesystems ,
>Any one of you have any idea two to do this, i am not looking for tools
>but the logic or simple script to do that.
>SDE Team
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