SUMMARY: netout: Broken pipe/ rcp lost connection/ Netbackup Restore fails.

From: jason kappy <>
Date: Thu May 05 2005 - 11:06:07 EDT
I am surprised that I did not get even a single response. However rebooting the swithes, which connect to T3, solved the problem. Veritas suggested to turn off auto-negotiate on both the master and client.

jason kappy <> wrote:
Hi Gurus'
Sorry, if this is off topic sunmanagers forum.
Restore of a 10Gig file is failing between Netbackup
master server(Windows 2000) and Solaris 8 client.
Netbackup server is in remote datacenter and whenever
we have to do this kind of restore we open all ports
between these two machines. I was able to do restores
of 6 Gig files, but not a 10Gig file(Netbackup error:
exit status 24, write socket failed). 
I did ftp and it fails after transferring 3.2gig
with error: netout: Broken pipe. Even "rcp" fails
with:rcp lost connection after 3gig transfer. I tested
ftp within each network and it works fine. I could
open a ticket with Veritas but sunmanagers is best.
With the research I did, I guess that it sockets
timeout with in the Firewall between two networks.
This is the link I found in Veritas site. I will

Thank you,
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