SUMMARY: High sys cpu time on second processor

From: <>
Date: Thu May 05 2005 - 07:27:15 EDT
Several people pointed me at problems with high numbers of interrupts
meaning it was liable to be a 'hardware problem'.

lockstat -kgIW -D 20 -s 40 sleep 5
pointed me at interrupts being generated by several things, all of which
prefixed "se_".

Also of use is the 'prstat' command, in this case used with '-C' to examine
processes on each processor.

Having now disconnected the serial port, this machine is now behaving
normally.We'll be investigating that further to see exactly what is causing
that problem.

Thanks to:
Joe Fletcher,
Daniel Harris
Thomas Carter
John Dewey
and Dustin Hoff for their responses.

(And please, those who are running vacation autoresponders, please stop it
from sending out to a mailing list)

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