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From: Gary Lopez <>
Date: Wed May 04 2005 - 18:34:37 EDT
Thanks again to all who responded.. Too many to name. I chose webpro's 
answer because it mirrored the way I was hoping to go on this. There are 
also other answers I will add as well.

Webpro suggested:
  A quick way would be to use dd to copy the old drive to the new drive 
and then add the boot block.

example dd time dd if=/dev/dsk/c1t0d0s2 of=/dev/dsk/c1t3d0s2 bs=1024000

example to add a boot block
installboot /usr/platform/'uname -i'/lib/fs/ufs/bootblk /dev/rdisk/c1t3d0s2

after that you can create a new parition with format and then create the 
fs using newfs.  You then edit /etc/vfstab so that it is mounted at boot.

Then I usually use tar to backup ldap and then restore it on the new 
partition.  You can use the old ldap directory as the mount point in 

Another way:
Michael Horton- bigadmin has a clone script (mirror is in the name.)

it will clone a drive perfectly--i use it for backups and cloning.

you would have to either write a install/boot block manually or format 
and partition the drive and have it copy only the files.

Tim Chapman - dump slices to tape via ufsdump
document carefully what order the job was done
install new disk, boot from cd single user mode
bring up networking (assuming tape drive isn't local device)
slice up the new bigger disk as per new slices layout desired (greater 
or equal size to slices of original layout)
restore ufsdumps to the slices in the correct order, as per your 
restore. Mount slices to /a mount point to achieve this
all done, install boot block from OS installer/Boot CD-ROM onto the new disk

boot, see how it goes.

You can probably do all this without the tape drive, actually, now that 
I think for an instant - assuming you have a spare disk bay in the 
machine in question...

-direct-attach the new bigger disk
-slice it up, mount appropriately
-ufsdump, pipe directly to ufsrestore while you are sitting on the 
correct restore point of the new disk
-repeat for all slices
-install boot block when done
-pull the original disk, boot the new disk.

ideally do this when system is single-user mode or "very idle" since 
ufsdump gets a tiny-bit confused if drive is active...

Any of these methods technically should work..

Thanks again everyone. Especially the people who took the time to even 
call me. This board is the BEST !!!!!!

	I need some advice on how to proceed with this. I have an LDAP server
that has a 9gb disk that almost full and I have to keep deleting files
to make space. I want to change it to a bigger disk. Is there a way to
copy over everything (OS + LDAP files, etc) to a bigger hard drive
without having to install to a new disk all over again ? basically copy
the 7gb disk to a 40gb disk  and have it boot?

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