Summary: New disk Labelling with a script

From: Jane Rams <>
Date: Wed May 04 2005 - 16:50:46 EDT
There are a number of responses basically doing the following or to use 
prtvtoc output as input to fmthard.

Have all disks listed in a file /tmp/1.

for i in `cat /tmp/1`
>format $i << EOM

For the second part - i can similarly use keystrokes as input to format to 
make 2 partions '0' for allowing veritas encapsulation of root disk through 
a post install scrit.

Someone pointed not to encapsulate root disk as a practice.

Appreciate the great help received from everyone.


Jane Rams wrote:

How can we automate the process of using format and label a bunch
of disks at a time through a script?

selecting c2t0d14
[disk formatted]
Disk not labeled.  Label it now? y

create an input file for format with all the necessary keystrokes
and call  format with STDIN redirection

Related question, how do we make veritas partions of 25 MB sizes
typically slice 6/7 during jumpstart install to size zero to allow
root disk encapsulation - without having to go through format - and
partition to make it zero.

Will summarize.


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