SUMMARY: Network usage between 2 servers

From: Dirk Moolman <>
Date: Wed May 04 2005 - 06:26:49 EDT
Thank you, I found a very simple and useful tool, thanks to Soeren
Schaper (see below)

I ran this, and here is some sample output for those interested:

       eri0                ge0
 KB/s in  KB/s out   KB/s in  KB/s out
    0.00      0.00    193.69    193.24
    0.00      0.00    262.76    251.40
    0.00      0.00    252.09    220.63
    0.00      0.00    145.38    131.14
    0.00      0.00    230.44    218.04
    0.00      0.00    143.76    122.60
    0.00      0.00    128.14    108.97
    0.00      0.00    190.01    148.37


... for measuring traffic in MB/s i can recommend ifstat:


I am busy trying to troubleshoot my network (Unix VLAN).  This should be
a very simple task, monitoring the traffic between 2 servers, but I
cannot find the right tools to do this.

I have tried snoop, ntop, iperf (of which I could not get to install the
latter 2 - I had lots of installation errors, following the install
procedures, and with my limited Unix knowledge, I could not get this to
work). I am still searching on Google, but I would like to tap into the
knowledge here - you guys (&girls) have lots of experience in this.

Surely there must be an easy way to look at the traffic between 2
servers - for example how much data is transferred between the 2 servers
(M/sec), etc.

My network admin tells me there is nothing wrong with his network, and I
tend to differ, but I need to prove this and give him facts.

Dirk Moolman
Database and Unix Administrator
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