SDS 4.2.1 mirroring a RAID - SUMMARY

From: Bruce Shaw <>
Date: Tue May 03 2005 - 17:59:30 EDT
Galen Johnson []
Matthew Stier []
Mark Hayes []


Gary Chambers []

all suggested fssnap.

Alex Perematko [] and Hickey, George
[] suggested other ways to build the partitions.

I think we're gonna go with fssnap.

Thanks to everybody for the help.

************** original ***********************

A colleague wants to use Solstice disksuite as a poor man's snapshot tool by
mirroring a RAID, writing to it all day, breaking the mirror, mounting one
of the RAIDS, backing it up to tape, then re-syncing the mirrors.

In other words we want to have two RAIDS..

d0 - four disks
d1 - four disks

and then a mirror d2 consisting of d0 and d1.

Unfortunately, neither the GUI nor metainit will allow us to do it.  We've
created the two RAIDs just fine, but we can't mirror them.  The GUI won't do
it and metainit says "invalid type".

Any other ideas on how to do this?  I've been thinking about rdist-ing to


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